Computer Science & Engineering


Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is an academic programme which integrates the field of Computer Engineering and Computer Science. The programme, which emphasises the basics of computer programming and networking, comprises a plethora of topics. Computer science engineers are involved in many aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputers to circuit designing and writing software that powers them.

The Department of CSE in Carmel College of Engineering and technology was established in 2017 with a maximum intake of 60 students per year. Department plays a key role to enhance the learning and technical competence of students in the field of Computer Science & Engineering. Workshops and hand on sessions are conducted on a regular basis. The department frequently conducts seminars and invited talks with the support of experienced resource persons from the industry and well known Academic Institutions. Department has signed MoU with the IT industry legends like Redhat,Oracle,IPSR Solutions,etc.

The faculty members pursue research in areas like Computer Networking,Cloud computing, Image processing,Computer Vision,. Our students are also encouraged to publish their research work in public domain and guides them to present their papers in National and International conferences.

About The Programme

The four-year program provides a scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. It enables the students to design hardware and software solutions mapped to real-world scenarios. Besides acquiring skills in programming languages such as C, Python, C++, JAVA etc., the students also learn the core functionalities of operating systems, microprocessors, databases, computer networks, software development life cycles, and artificial intelligence. Students are also exposed to business economics and entrepreneurship skills to enable them to run their own enterprises if needed.

Computer engineers find their way into the exciting and ever-changing domains of software, aerospace and defence. The scope is big for research and higher studies as well as entrepreneurship, and many have made it to the mecca of techies, the Silicon Valley. The demand for computer engineers is always on the rise as every field of engineering is highly dependent on computer-aided design and manufacturing. With the spread of automation, connected computing and artificial intelligence, our graduates are set to change the world with their contributions.


Department Vision
  • To nurture professionally competent and socially committed IT Professionals
Department Mission
  • Provide quality education in both theoretical and applied fields of Computer Science
  • Equip the students with industry oriented skills in Computer Science to take up real-world challenges
  • Inculcate ethical values and leadership qualities
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • Graduates shall be able to apply concepts of mathematics, science and management through Computer Engineering to become a distinctive IT Professional
  • Graduates shall be able to design and develop interdisciplinary and innovative systems
  • Graduates shall nurture effective communication skills, team work, ethics, and leadership in preparation for a successful career in industry
Program Outcomes(POS)
  • Engineering knowledge
  • Problem analysis
  • Design/development of solutions
  • Conduct investigation on complex problems
  • Modern tool usage
  • The engineer and society
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Ethics
  • Individual and team work
  • Communication
  • Project management and finance
  • Life-long learning
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
  • Graduates shall be able to design and develop hardware and software based systems, analyse potential risks and provide suitable solutions
  • Graduates shall gain knowledge in diverse areas of Computer Science and enrich skills for successful career


In this lesson, the new engineering teacher can learn the importance of engagement in professional development activities. Key points about these activities will include ensuring a high level of content area knowledge, providing high quality instruction, and sharing best practices among engineering education teachers.

The importance of professional development and activities for engineering education teachers cannot be stressed enough. Professional development refers to content-specific training and learning opportunities for individuals within a given field. Engineering education is a highly technical field that often involves the use of technology. These factors contribute to the need for regular and ongoing professional development for teachers.

In engineering education, professional development activities may take the form of content-specific conferences, touring of other engineering education sites, observations of other highly qualified engineering education teachers, and hands-on training. In this lesson, we will look at how participating in professional development can help teachers in content area expertise, instructional methods, and best practices in this field of study.

Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities in the department during 2022 – 2023







2018 – 2022

Passed out students

Graduation Day, “Encaenia 2022


Hosted by Carmel College of Engineering and Technology

2019, 2020, 2021 Batch

7th , 5th  and 3rd Semester

Webinar on "Block chain Technology"


Oracle Academy

2019, 2020 Batch

7th  and 5th  Semester

Seminar on Cyber “Security & Ethical Hacking”



All Batches of CSE students

1st to 7th semester students

Mini Tech Fest “ OBCYFEST 2022

03.12.22 to 05.12.22

Guest of honour:  Er. Joy Sebastian,  CEO, Techgentsia Software Technologies




Proposed Programs for Academic Year 2022 – 2023

Curriculum Compliance – programs proposed during even semester

2023 – 2024

Planned program

Proposed Date of Executions

Students Benefitted

March 2023

Release of Department Newsletter : “Espero 2023”

March 2nd Week of 2023

All the batch students

March 2023

A workshop on Android Development

March 3rd Week

2019, 2020 Batch

S8 & S6 Semester

April 2023

Seminar  on Machine Learning

April 2nd Week

2020, 2021 Batch

S6, S4 Semester



Faculty Development Program(FDP)


2.We are planned to conduct an FDP on 20-24th February 2023. about “Recent Advancements in Computational Forensics, Techniques and Tools”


Institute Tie-Up

List of MoUs with Industries





Red Hat India Pvt.Ltd


Kerala State Information Technology Infrastructure Limited(KSITIL)


IPSR Solutions Ltd.








EdNeuro Tech Intelligence Private Limited



Industrial Visit

Industrial Visits is like a college trip. Students get elated by the idea of visiting an unknown place outside their college. Even if that place is an industry. It is like exploring a new world by itself. Industrial visits have become an essential part of many graduate and post-graduate courses in colleges. Why is it so and how do industrial visits contribute to shaping a student’s career, Industrial visit is the first point of contact of a student towards the corporal world. It gives a glimpse into the core industrial life beyond academics. It offers first-hand exposure to the IT operations and processes in that workplace. It helps in bridging the gap between academics and corporate for the successful transition of students into capable employees.


  • Tie-Up with International IT comanies like RedHat India Pvt. Ltd
  • Recognized official Oracle Academy
  • Nearly 70% of our students are placed in Top IT companies like TCS, Wipro, IBM, Virtusa, etc.,
  • 80% is the pass percentage in KTU End semester Examinations
  • Tie-Up with Tinker Hub-International Programming Platform
  • Our students participated in various National/International/zonal competitions and bagged prizes.
  • Department has released an annual newsletter “Espero” which contains various activities that were held in the department, and different articles created by students.
  • Josvin Jose, a final year student has presented a paper at a conference.
  • Faculties have published papers in various UGC recognized, Scopus indexed Journals
  • Various technical and non-technical competitions were conducted through online mode and offline mode.
  • Department of CSE and Carmel college of Engineering become Co-sponsor for the International Scientific Conference: Artificial Intelligence in the field of Security - advantages and threats”, Higher School of Security and Economics VUSI - Plovdiv, Bulgaria and  Dr Reji R is the Technical Programme committee Member.
  • Consultancy Project by Irrigation Dept. (Govt. of Kerala)- Implementing Integrated Surveillance System to Monitor the Sewage Dumping at Alappuzha Canal Headed by Dr.Reji R.
  • Ongoing Consultancy project :    Krishikoottu (Agriculture Department, Agricultural office , Alappuzha) Headed by Dr Reji R and Er Sreeja Nair M P.
  • Department is hosting a 5 days  KTU Sponsored FDP on Computational forensics technics and tools, Feb 2023 Fund : 1,56,000- Coordinators  Dr  Reji R and MS Sreeja M Nair
  • MoU with NISH, Government of Kerala (Innovation by Youth with Disabilities) is signed, where Dr Reji R is the Point of contact.
  • Dr. Sujithra M S serves as Reviewer in “ Journal of Cloud Computing” ISSN: 2192-113X
  • Dr Reji R, serves as the Reviewer  in “Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal”-  2022 ISSN2415-6698
  • Dr Reji R, serves as the Resource Person for 5 Days KTU Sponsored FDP on Advanced Digital Image processing, SCMS, Nov 2022.
  • Dr Reji R is acting as Technical Program Committee member and reviewer in many Flagship conferences in India and abroad.
  • Dr Reji  R, is one of the Editorial Board  member: Edwin Group of journals  ( Elsevier India).

Students Achievements

  • In the academic year 2020-2021, Ansu Varghese  from S1 has secured SGPA 10 in 1st semester B.Tech degree examination ,APJ Abdul Kalam Kerala Technological University.
  • In the academic year 2021-2022, Justin James  from S2 has secured SGPA 10 in 2nd semester B.Tech degree examination ,APJ Abdul Kalam Kerala Technological University.
  • Manu V  from S8(2019-23 Batch) has secured SGPA 10 in1st,2nd and 3rd semester B.Tech degree examination ,APJ Abdul Kalam Kerala Technological University.
  • Aswin S Seshadri From s6 (2020-2024 batch) selected as team lead and event manager at product pack
  • Devaprasad From s6 (2020-2024 batch) selected as team lead  & marketing at product pack.
  • Ansu Varghese From s6 (2020-2024 batch) selected as lore team associate  at product pack
  • Ansu Varghese From s6 (2020-2024 batch) selected as lore team associate  at product pack
  • Harishankar (2021-2025) btech batch selected as Mr.alappuzha 2023 (2nd position) conducted by NPC world wide india.

Student Chapters

Students who are a part of Student Chapters, Professional Bodies and Student Associations in CCET actively organize various technical workshops, invited talks, skill and knowledge enhancement programs and seminars. Managing Student Chapters imparts valuable lessons in teamwork, event management and organizing abilities. Various technical events, workshops and competitions at intra and inter-collegiate level are conducted by each Student Chapter at CCET. They promote cooperation and exchange of technical information among members, and to this end, hold various seminars and workshops. They strive to advance the theory, practice, and application of technology and maintain high professional standards among members. Students get exposed to the latest technologies and industries through workshops and industry visits.


Computer centre

The computer centre is well equipped with sophisticated and excellent facilities opened to the students on an individual basis. It also provides a wide range of network computing and file storage services. The network served by Windows servers and Activity Server(Praktiz). High speed wireless Internet facility is provided to all locations

  • 2 Servers -Windows and Activity Server(Praktiz)
  • Firewall-FORTINET 100E
  • Machine Brands includes DELL and Assembled PCs
  • A Central Computing Facility with over 90 systems is available.
  • Centralized AC with 86’’ LED display
  • 100 Mbps lease line connectivity Provided by BSNL for the internet usage of staff and students.
  • SDPK Projects (ASAP- robotics class)
  • FDP’s Conducting
  • Online Exams (TCS, Aptech, Police promotion Test, Amrita institute etc...)
  • Various international programs(Murdoc , Australian project)
  • National Health Mission Training Programs, Income tax Training Programs
  • Placement drives, Training programs
  • Rotary club south region 2019 Annual meeting

Computer Lab

C programming Lab
This lab provides a strong foundation for developing the art of programming to the students of computing streams about problem solving and programming in C Language. The Lab experiment includes the familiarization of C language and common applications of C language.

Data Structures Lab
This lab provides experience to visualize the importance of structuring and organizing the data on the basis of efficiency of algorithms that process the data, like static and dynamic data structures as well as linear and nonlinear data structures.

Object oriented programming using java Lab
This laboratory provides the basic concepts of object oriented programming and paradigms of programming. So the students can learn an object oriented way of solving problems using Java language.

System Software Lab
System Software Lab helps to build an understanding on design and implementation of different types of system software.

Database Management Lab
This lab provides the basic concepts of data bases and information useful for the management of data bases. The lab experiment includes the file organization, database design, transaction processing techniques, DDL, DML & DCL. So the students are able to design new and modify databases, write queries and build some data base projects.

Compiler Design Lab
In Compiler Design Lab students implement the different Phases of compiler and test simple optimization techniques.

Network Programming Lab
Network Programming Lab introduces Network related commands and configuration files in Linux Operating System and Tools for Network Traffic Analysis and Network Monitoring.

Microprocessor Lab
This laboratory is used to provide intensive practical exposure to learn the assembly and embedded C programming systematically for the different issues of microprocessor and microcontroller. Students are extensively exposed with the interfacing of microprocessor and microcontrollers with other peripherals. The course will help to analyse, implement and understand the interfacing circuits for various applications of Microprocessor-based system. The aim of this course is to give the students basic knowledge of the microprocessors and microcontrollers needed to develop the systems using it.

Department Library

The Department Library provides the students an opportunity to tap the latest information available through a collection of technical journals, magazines, books, research papers, seminar proceedings and project reports. The Library occupies a unique place in academic and research activities of the Department.It is perhaps the most important central facility provided by the Institute. The Library maintains an excellent collection of data books, occasional papers and other documents/materials. The Library has a well equipped facility for reading to meet the informational needs and intellectual pursuit of Department. In consultation with the head of the department, will design and co-ordinate the rules, regulations and functioning of the department library.

ISRO Weather forecasting



Espero, an Annual magazine, prepared by Obcydians, staff and students association of the department of computer science was released in February 2022. It was released by the Chairman Very.Rev.Fr. Mathew Arekalam, CMI.The newsletter highlights the achievements and various activities of the department. It also portrays various articles from students. The next edition is planned to be released on 2023.

Technical publications
# Name of the Faculty Title
1 Dr.Reji R Comparative Analysis in Satellite Image Registration, National Conference (ACER-12) on Advances in Computational Engineering Research ,2012.
2 DIVYA V L Published a paper in International Journals of IJSRP VOL.2 ISSUE 4 APRIL 2012 EDITION. (ISSN 2250-3153)
3 ARUN P KUTTAPPAN Design and Development of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) in a Public Sector Company” in the Proceedings of National Conference named NATCON-2013 conducted by Govt.RIT Kottayam
4 M S Sujithra Published a paper titled, “Sparse Coding Strategies and Sparse Dictionary Learning”, in the Journal: Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, Vol. 11 No.7 , pp 1407-1413, 2019. (Scopus-Indexed)
5 JOSEMARY A Published paper titled”Survey on historic approach representation meth-ods of crowd analysis”in International Journal of Innovative Research in Science,Engineering and Technology (IJIRSET) Issue 4/2319-8753/7.089(April 2018)
6 Syamala S Face detection - A Comparison of HSV with Lab Color Space Model

Paper Publications:

Name of the Faculty


Name of the Journal/ Conference/Event

Name of the Conference


Dr.Reji R

3D Facial Features in Neuron Fuzzy Model for Predictive Grading of Childhood Autism

Got Best Abstract Award

ICSE 2022

ICSE 2022


Ms. Divya V L

Secured and Optimized Query Processing in Cloud Environment

International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (ICCSIT )



Dr. Sujithra M S

Compressed Image Restoration by Combining Trained Dictionary with Plug and Play Framework

Wireless Personal Communication



Dr. Remya R

Transfer Learning Based Breast Cancer Detection and Classification using Mammogram Images

Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronics and Renewable Systems (ICEARS)



Shark optimization Algorithm with Deep Instance Segmentation Model for Breast Cancer Detection And Classification




Ms. Josemary A

Published a paper entitles "Real time face mask detection and Crowd monitoring System”

International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology (IJIRSET).




Book Publication:

Name of the Faculty




Dr.Reji R

Understanding Block chain Technology

CODEX Publications


Patent :

Name of the Faculty


File Number


Dr.Reji R

Detection and counter measures for cyber security Threats to Wireless Networks on a Chip.

No: 202241021034A