Vision & Mission


To mould distinctive engineers with integrity and social commitment.

“Our vision is to mould Engineers par Excellence, with Integrity, commitment and human values, who are competent to meet the global standards in business, industry and research and would act as catalysts for the transformation of the society.”


Extend harmonious curricular and co-curricular exposure to the students.

The teaching – learning environment, which is a synchronization of meticulous academic delivery system and professional activities, is planned and executed so as to ensure holistic professional development of the students.

Equip the students to accomplish career goals upholding moral values.

The career guidance and placement activities of the college are directed towards imparting quality guidance and training for the students so as to empower them to pursue career goals leading to employment, higher studies or entrepreneurship.

Encourage the students to contribute for the sustainable development of the society.

The social outreach programs as part of co-curricular initiatives and the student projects as part of curricular requirements are encouraged to deal with socially relevant topics so as to familiarize the societal requirements as well as to contribute to its sustainable development.

Carmel College of Engineering and Technology