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Welcome to the Knowledge Centre @ Carmel of CCET. It was established in the year 2014, serves as a knowledge hub containing resources not only in the form of print but also in e-resources and provide students with access to a vast repository of resources, including books and Journals both print and online. In any academic institution Library plays an important role in the dissemination of knowledge. In fact, the ambiance of the library reflects the quality of the education imparted by the College. CCET has recognized the importance of the academic vibrations required in the library and has been growing in this direction, right from its very inception. Library is a member of National Library Network - DELNET. Information from National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) and other Electronic Resources are also available for the user community. Only Library members are allowed to access all materials (such as Books, Journals, Magazines, Digital materials and E-Journals etc.) available in the library collection. The Library reading space can accommodate more than 150 students. Library functions such as Acquisition, Circulation, and Cataloging have been automated using integrated with Grandha software.

The College has built a Central Library spanning a total floor area of 450 sq mt. Combining aesthetics with utility, the modern Library houses more than 5500 documents consisting of Technical Books, Full Text E-Resources, Journals both print and on-line, Digital resources reports, Thesis, standards and back volumes of journals. The library subscribes to more than 65 printed journals and technical magazines .We have separate collection of books, Career & Personality Development, Fiction etc. Library follows the open access system. The Library comes with provision for modern facilities including Library Automation, Research Scholars, Stack Section, Reference Section, and Circulation Section with advanced computers and other peripherals connected in LAN. The Reference section has open as well as closed access. It also has a network linked Photocopier installed to enable students to make printouts/copies. The Issue section has open access.

Library Resources

Text Books
No of Volumes: 5259
No. of Titles: 1375
No. of National & International Journals: 35
No. of Technical magazine: 18
No. of CD Roms: 175
(As on 23/03/2018)

Library Membership
Knowledge Centre @ Carmel enrolls three types of users.
Faculty Member: Faculty, Staff of CCET
Student Member: Students of CCET
Special Member: Visiting Faculty etc. are enrolled with the approval of the competent authorities of the College.
Student members are allowed to take three books at a time and staff members are allowed to access eight books. For taking books from the library, the person should be a member of the library. To get a membership they have to fill up an application form. If the needed book is issued to someone, we can reserve the book so that once the book become available the first reserved person can get it.
The Detailed information and application forms are available at circulation Counter which needs to be verified by the Principal CCET for staff/faculty and Heads of Departments for students. Others may contact the Librarian. A copy of the Rules, Regulations and Information may be collected from the Circulation Desk, or which is available in the college Handbook for reference.
E- Journals
JGATE www.jgateplus.com
DELNET http://www.delnet.nic.in
NTPEL http://ntpel.ac.in

Library Guidelines
  • Members/users have to produce their own ID cards and sign the register at the entrance before entering the library.
  • Members/users have to keep their personal belongings at the property counter, at the entrance.
  • Users of library are not permitted to take personal copies of books or other printed materials inside the library.
  • Silence shall be strictly observed inside the library, keeping in mind that the library is a place for individual study and research.
  • Books, journals, other documents, library equipments, etc., should be handled with care.
  • The library follows the open shelf system and the student has access to any section/shelf except reference books.
  • Users are advised not to replace the books on shelves. They may leave the books on tables after use.
  • Marking, underlining, writing or defacing the library books, will lead to fining and other punishments.
  • Members are requested to bring their own ID Cards to enter/exit the Library and also to produce the same at the time of issue of books and other documents.
  • Reference books and journals both loose and bound will not be issued.
  • Before leaving the counter the borrowers shall examine the books taken by them and point out to the Librarian, any damage or mutilation or defect in the books they are taking. The borrowers will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation observed at the time of return.
  • If an issued book is lost or damaged, the matter should be reported to the Librarian immediately. Any person responsible for damage or loss to any of the library books/documents will be required to replace it with a new copy of the same edition/ subsequent edition within the due date. If it is not available in the market, two times the current cost of the book and the fine up to the date on which the book is replaced are to be paid.
  • If the lost/ damaged book is out of print, the price will be fixed according to the discretion of Librarian, taking into account the cost, importance and demand for the book.
  • Librarian reserves the right to recall at any time any book issued from the library.
  • When a smart card is lost, the matter should be brought immediately to the notice of librarian for necessary action.
  • Photocopies of material held in the library can be provided subject to copyright laws and regulations. No mechanical reproduction or tracing of materials shall be made without the express permission of the Librarian.
  • Students can suggest good books and other documents for the library with full details. The Librarian will discuss such requests with the Principal and take necessary action.
  • All books/documents borrowed from the Library have to be returned when a member is proceeding on long leave/ tour.
  • Library and its premises should be kept absolutely clean and tidy.
  • Carrying & use of mobile phones within the college campus/ library is banned. If we find any student violating this rules, will lose the library membership for certain period & cell phone will be handed over to the Principal for further action.
  • No refreshments or foodstuff of any kind shall either be carried or consumed anywhere inside the library.
  • Please switch off unwanted lights, fans & help us in saving electricity.

Library Infrastructure Library has a lot of facilities for the proper functioning and for the convenience of the users. The main infrastructure includes,
  • Computerized transactions using I D Cards & Barcode
  • ID Card Enabled Access Control
  • CC TV Surveillance
  • New Arrivals Display
  • C D/DVD Search
  • Computerized Search Facility
  • Reference Section
  • Digital Library
  • Students Help Desk
  • Desktop PC &pos;s
  • Library Services
  • Issue Return
  • Reprographic Facility
  • Newspaper Clipping Service
  • Documentation Services
  • S D I Services

Suggestions on all aspects of library services are welcome.

Central Library

Central Library

Library Working Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 6.00 pm.
Saturday 8.30 am to 4.00 pm.

Library Contact Us

Knowledge Centre @ Carmel
Carmel College of Engineering & Technology,
Punnapra PO.
Alappuzha PIN - 688 004. Kerala., India
Phone Library Ext. No. 37
Mobile: +9961317096
+91 9539781238